A Registered Nurse (RN) provides hands-on patient care and works with the health care team to provide the best course of treatment. RNs can work in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, and other facilities.

RNs must be licensed and typically have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, Associate’s degree in nursing, or a diploma from approved nursing program

Work Experience in Related Occupation: None
Required On the Job Training: None
2019 Median Salary: $73,300 per year or $35.24 per hour

RN jobs are expected to grow +7% from 2019-2029 (above average growth) driven by increasing focus on preventative care, increasing rates of chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes and obesity), and an increasing demand for healthcare from baby boomers.

RN Job Description

RN Degree

RN Salary

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